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Hi, I'm SushiPython, but you can call me Sushi. I like to code, as well as play video games. I know a few languages, including HTML, Python, and JS. Besides coding, I have always been interested in music, arts, and technology. I am currently learning backend JavaScript, as well as Java and MC Plugin Development. I have also been experimenting with Operating Systems such as Debian and ArchLinux. I am a web developer, and nearly everything I code is available on a website. If not, it's probably a terminal. Most of my projects are open source and public on a site called replit, if you are ever curious on how I code any of my projects. You can send me an email at [email protected], and for people who know what * means, you can send me an email at *@sushipython.us as well. This site is made in HTML with Jinja2 templating and Python on the backend.